Timespan,Dunrobin Street, Helmsdale, KW8 6JA
Telephone: +44 (0) 1431 821327

Since its establishment in Helmsdale in1986, Timespan has developed from a small local heritage centre to an award-winning museum and the only public contemporary art gallery in Sutherland. There’s lots for you to do - you can explore the Virtual World of Caen in the storytelling room, learn about the past in the Museum, discover changing exhibitions by contemporary artists in the Gallery, trace your roots in the Archive, find local crafts and gifts in the Shop, relax in the Riverside Cafe and Gardens, or meet the Artists in Residence.

Timespan’s unique Clearance Trail App also brings alive one of the most notorious episodes in Scottish history – The Highland Clearances. The aim of the App is to give virtual and actual visitors an interactive trip around one of the country’s most beautiful and historic areas, the Strath of Kildonan, in the northernmost tip of Scotland. The epic voyage made by some families cleared from the Strath of Kildonan is widely viewed by historians as one of the most demanding journeys endured by European emigrants to North America.The app contains a wealth of audio and visual information. It includes historical maps and a wealth of imagery, text and audio, all embedded in the app for offline use. The ‘Kildonan Trail’ takes you on a journey to ten locations along the Strath of Kildonan to learn about how the landscape has changed over time, especially since the clearances. Users can access audio narratives and browse though galleries of stunning images from the past and present. All the sites are shown on the trail maps.